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Margot POSH
Margot POSHMargot POSHMargot POSHMargot POSHMargot POSH
Margot POSH
Margot POSH
Margot POSH
Margot POSH
Margot POSH

Doll: Blank

Sculpt:Margot POSH

Skintone:Sugar, Cream, Fudge, Natural, Caramel, Cocoa, Latte, Macadamia, Chocolate


Price: 570$

This is the first face sculpt of the DominionDoll POSH line. This doll is our vision of a plus size model. A very realistic and gorgeous girl.
She was created to hypnotize with her beauty! On the photos Margot is presented in a skin tone Fudge.
She has got 20 points of articulations. She is able to make almost all the human poses. She has pierced ears and long nails.
The doll has a jointed neck, which makes her posing more emotional.
The doll's height is 33,5 cm. The doll is flawlessly polished and has pleasant touch.
The price includes a doll without painting, a box, a stand and a certificate of authenticity.

Doll's measurements you can see on the last photo on this page.

Please, write the color of skintone chosen by you in the comments to the order.

If you decide to choose one of the four dark skintones (Latte, Macadamia, Cocoa, Chocolate)  for your doll, you can purchase this option from the link

The order execution time may vary from 2 to 4 months. Before you place an order, please specify the terms by writing to us by email.

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