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It took a lot of time to shape an idea of creating DominionDoll. We became interested in format 1/6 after other doll projects had been brought to live. We are always challenged to move forward. We began working on a new doll's master model one year and half ago. Today we are happy to show you the results. Since we were completely absorbed in the work on this doll and were in full power of her beauty, the name Dominion appeared!

Dominion is very movable. You just can't stop playing with her. The quality of the doll is perfect! She is flawlessly polished. She can take any fashion poses and even сross her legs. She induces to change wigs, clothes and shoes. There is an option of not wearing wigs as the doll has got a head relief of short haircut. Thus her hair can be colored of any shade. The doll has got 20 points of articulations.

You fell in love forever with DominionDoll from the first sight. This is her uniqueness. She may have a few roles: as a doll to play or as an interior decoration. Her another advantage is that she perfectly fits clothes, shoes and accessories of many other dolls of the same format. The first face Aura was presented in December 2017. Now DominionDoll already has four faces. This year, Ray, Bella and Cleo appeared in the lineup. We hope that you will love our DominionDoll and our dolls will become an important masterpiece of your collection.

We are Petr Tishkov and Elena Kostina. 

We are together since 2000. We live and work in Russia.

We met each other during vocal examination in the Variery Jazz Higher Education in Moscow. We did not find ourselves in music despite of a few pop-rock songs written by us.

We named our duo as "LePier" after our names. So that was a start of the family.

Petr Tishkov.

Education: a financier.

Petr adores dolls from the childhood. Make up artist. Hair master. Inventor. Invented a new technique in the visual arts, which was patented, as polyegraphic made of polyethylene. He was accepted by the Russian Union of Art Artists after numerious art and doll exhibitions. 


"I got my first fashion doll at the age of 10 years old. It was Barbie brought by my friend's mother from Australia. I will be grateful for that for the rest of my life! All my creative thoughts have been filled with doll adoration since that time. I tried to create dolls from every single piece on my way such as fabrics, foam rubber, modelling clay and etc. When I was a child I did not know that this adoration would be matter of my life". 

Elena Kostina.

Education: a musician.

"Having worked by profession for a short period of time I met Petr and this changed my life dramatically. I followed him. I became his second pair of hands and eyes. We are a single organism. The most important is that we can never exist separately in anything or anywhere. All creative ideas are formed in both of us, all the collections are developed as a result of joint discussions and brainstorms. Further we assign the responsibilities: Petr puts idea into practice and I do all the managing work like purchasing the materials, PR, communication and etc."

After not finding ourselves as musicians we made our names as photographers in Moscow. Art-duo LePier was famous and well recognised. We always value honesty in our work and do our best to exceed the expectations. We never were ashamed for the photos made by us for glance magazines, advertising agencies, media and showbusiness persons, catalogs, private photoshots and etc. 

One day Petr put our idea into life and created a little ball jointed doll. We gave her a name - Microdiva (her height is 17 cm) and took part in prestigious exhibition in the center of Moscow in October 2011.

The doll was loved by many people. However, Microdiva was recognised as non-format, therefore, we were not accepted by any doll line. The doll was not suitable for any known formats such as 1/12, 1/4, 1/6 and etc. She was unique! She was born as she should be, because it is always inexplicable where the artist draws inspiration. The artist is the guide of what is given to him from above.

So a new life of two creative people has started. We have been caught by the Dolls's Universe since that time and now having no chance to leave it. We did our best to follow the format and created a new doll of 1/4. As a result in 2013 we made a new doll 1/4 and entered the fashion doll line. A new project is named as DollChic. The doll is fabulous! We fell in love with her! She is just a masterpiece! We made a boy Mr. Chic in a year after. Both these projects won the hearts of many collectors. Our project DominionDoll is presented at this website. We hope that you will love this doll!