Ru En


We live without knowing something in the course of the life. We can not know everything. Plenty is hidden. His time has come.

Master is tired. He got away from the fuss. He got away to the place where no one can find him. There is a huge power here... In the mountains. The inspiration called Master here. She has never been seen by people. No one ever saw her. But only Master was given this privelege... Just He. 

Firstly he felt a gentle wind after climbing high in the mountains during His walk. He had a strange feeling that he was on the searshore not somewhere high in the montains. Suddenly Master saw something astounding that rooted him to the spot. There was a huge lion standing like a statue with all his greatness and transfixing with sharp but calm look He was intently following the Master without intention to attack. 

Master realised one absolutly clear thing: he disrupted the calm by breaking someone's territory. He finds himself in mixed emotions: interest, curiosity and excitement. But who is guarded by this magnificent creature? The Lion seemed to feel his emotions, turned slowly and walked away as if calling him. Master followed him with a feeling of safety but keeping a distance between them. 

They climbed higher in the mountains, where the clouds are underfoot and the dew covers the grass. It felt like only the stars are above! "Where are we?" - finally asked Master. The Lion gave him the roar that excited all the feelings again. 

The clouds, through which they were getting through, parted and revealed a mesmerizing and breathtaking view. Local people talked a lot about this place but no one ever mentioned about hidden castle in the clouds. Centuries were reflected on its quartz tiles. Where did it all come from? Who owns it? While all these thoughts were framing slowly the questions in his head She appeared from the very last cloud which seemed to be woven from several branchy trees.

He recovers his consciousness trying to sculpt her face in the studio. That was like a dream. Or maybe it was a dream… He saw many of his creations in dreams. Yes! Then! There! She did not say a word, but "told" him her entire story. Master tries to eagerly recover all the details in his memory, but he was bewildered with chaos in his head. However, he remembers the most beautiful moment! She was talking until a beautiful and majestic Moonrise and he noticed with amazement that her hair had changed its color from dark chocolate into the color of the Moon. And the lion's mane seemed to change its color a few times... He could not remember anything else. This wisdom has been hidden from him and from the whole world again. However the Inspiration remains! 

He went out to the garden. Rose flavour stupefies. Absolute happiness fills his heart! Master pulled his head down and raised a hand with a small key in it. He smiles. She exists! Dominion! And this is the key from her mystery! Mystery that we may unveil one day!